Kartilya of katipunan

Katipunera plural, mga Katipunera refers to female members. From such transformed individuals will emerge a society that will be truly harmonious, loving and growth-giving. All acts contrary to noble and clean living are repugnant here, and hence the life of anyone who wants to affiliate with this Association will be submitted to a searching investigation.

Ipadala po sa ang inyong mga sagot bilang comment sa blog na ito, o bilang email sa. The losers cheerfully congratulated the winners. Countersigns enabled members to recognize one another on the street. Katipunero plural, mga Katipunero is the demonym of a male member of the Katipunan.

In short, they had liberty and independence. The reason for this difficulty is not hard to fathom. A member meeting another member placed the palm of his right hand on his breast and, as he passed the other member, he closed the hands to bring the right index finger and thumb together.

By the time the society was uncovered, the American writer James Le Roy estimated the strength of the Katipunan attomembers. Using an integrated approach to growth, we developed a campus that does not just focus on academic excellence but also one that will best nurture the entire personality and character of young people.

Ang di mo ibig na gawin sa asawa mo, anak at kapatid, ay huag mong gagawin sa asawa, anak, at kapatid ng iba. President, Golden Link College Foundation Diligence in the work that gives sustenance to you is the true basis of love—love for your self, for your wife and children, for your brothers and countrymen.

Engrave in your heart that the true measure of honor and happiness is to die for the freedom of your country. There, they would condemn the abuses of the Spanish government and vow to fight colonial oppression: In katipunan and Revolution: Defend the oppressed and fight the oppressor.

We are all equal, regardless of the color of their skin; While one could have more education, wealth or beauty than the other, none of them can overpass one's identity. Expected answer "With faith, valor, and perseverance, these evils will be remedied.

If the neophyte persisted, he was presented to the assembly of the brethren, who subjected him to various ordeals such as blindfolding him and making him shoot a supposedly a revolver at a person, or forcing him to jump over a supposedly hot flame.

If the applicant merely wishes to know the secrets of the Association, or to seek personal gratification, or to know who is here in order to sell them for a handful of silver, he cannot proceed, for the many who are watching him will already know his intentions, and will immediately have recourse to an effective remedy, such as befits traitors.

These are Theosophy and the Perennial Philosophy Comparative Religion Theosophical Education and Alternative Educational Approaches for education majors Transpersonal Psychology for psychology majors Parapsychology for psychology majors In addition, the school conducts a four-day camp each year that is meant to build the character of our students and further introduce them to the principles of the ageless wisdom.

Ang may mataas na kalooban inuuna ang puri sa pagpipita sa sarili; ang may hamak na kalooban, inuuna ang pagpipita sa sarili sa puri. By the time the society was uncovered, the American writer James Le Roy estimated the strength of the Katipunan attomembers. Defend the oppressed and fight the oppressor.

Ang babai ay huwag mong tignang isang bagay na libangan lamang, kun di isang katuang at karamay sa mga kahirapan nitong kabuhayan; gamitan mo nag boong pagpipitagan ang kaniyang kahinaan, at alalahanin ang inang pinagbuhatan at nagiwi sa iyong kasanggulan.

kartilya ng katipunan

If he who desires to enter the Katipunan has informed himself of all this and believes he will be able to perform what will be his duties, he may fill out the application for admission. Strangely, it consisted only of twelve teachings.

To the honorable man, his word is sacred. Only actions are demanded and esteemed; hence anybody who is not willing to act should not enter, no matter how good a speaker he might be. And the rest of The Philippine history. Many of us who have been involved in giving courses or lectures through many decades would have noticed that adults and older people find it harder to undergo radical transformation.

Do not do to the wife, children and brothers and sisters of others what you do not want others to do to your wife, children and brothers and sisters. It was written in Tagalog and all recruits were required to commit it to heart before they were initiated.

Kartilya ng Katipunan

The Katipunan founders spent their free time recruiting members. Since the priest was a friend of Santiago's sister, he and his half-brother Restituto Javier were suspected of betrayal, but the two would remain loyal to the Katipunan and Santiago would even join the Philippine revolutionary forces in the Philippine—American War.

This is the only way to imbibe the spirit of the Katipunan as enshrined in the Kartilya. To leave the interaction at the level of memorization or intellectual comprehension is to insure that the entire Kartilya will soon be completely forgotten.

Three sources. KARTILYA the 13 Teachings of Katipunan Facts: maghreb-healthexpo.com Kartilya was made by Emilio Jacinto. maghreb-healthexpo.comya means "primer for elementary students." Kartilya 1.

A life not devoted to a worthy cause is like a tree without leaves. 2. A good deed not done sincerly is not considered a virtue. 3. Real virtue lies not only in charity and love for neighbors. naka- daop-palad na niya mismo ang mga pilipino, nakapasok sa mga tahanan ng mga filipino, dahil, naramdaman niya ang damdamin’t mga eksaktong pangangailangan ng mga pamilyang pilipino.

The Teachings of the Katipunan. Realizing the importance of a primer to indoctrinate the members of the society in its ideals, Jacinto prepared one which he called Kartilla, a word adopted from the Spanish cartilla which at the time meant a primer for grade school students.

The Kartilla consisted of thirteen "teachings" which the members of the. 2 reviews of Kartilya Ng Katipunan Shrine "The City of Manila and Manilenos love Andres Bonifacio, placing him on a pedestal practically at par with National Hero Jose P.

Rizal. This is with good reason. Bonifacio was founder of the movement known 5/5(2). saturday, september 7, tatlong bersyon ng kartilya ng katipunan tatlong bersyon ng mga aral sa 'kartilya ng katipunan' 1. orihinal na pagkakasulat ni emilio jacinto.

Kartilya of katipunan
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